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Online Presentation Support
MTPC’s Digital Learning Studio is re-configured to support online presentation via Zoom and other platforms. Our setup will reproduce the experiences of physical presentation space. Speakers can present lively with studio lighting, backdrop, PowerPoint, whiteboard or even light-board. Online participants will see the gesture, movement and interactivities of presenters captured by cameraman instead of talking head by webcam. Please contact Anthony HO ( if you wish to create professional content and engaging online experiences for your audience.
04 May 2020
HKUST 3D Model
MTPC is now offering a new service to support the development of 3D/VR/AR games, computer animations, videos and image rendering using the HKUST campus 3D model. A virtual campus tour is also available in Creative Media Zone to demonstrate the potential of the 3D model for various applications. Please contact if you are interested in using this new service.
Immersive Media
MTPC has been exploring different VR technologies to support and enrich teaching and learning. Our latest projects include a VR Campus walkthrough made possible through 3D capturing and 3D campus painting in virtual space using Google Tiltbrush.