PTC's free portrait taking service will be available during 28 Jan - 15 Feb 2019 in Creative Media Zone (CMZ) Studio in Learning Commons. Group photo taking for 3 - 15 colleagues per each session (20 minute) will also be offered.

Online booking is NOW available. Simply log in our Booking System with your ITSC a/c and select a time slot, or assign a colleague to book on your behalf:

1. Portrait Booking (Sample)

2. Group Photo Booking (Sample)

Please bring along an USB thumb drive to collect your portraits/group photo. You can also print your portraits and pay with Octopus card in CMZ. (HK$2/4R). For group photo, request for 8R print (HK$8/print) will also be accepted in CMZ.

IDLPs, kindly inform your colleagues about this service for their official use.

For enquiry, please contact May Lo at ext: 6808 or Spiro Kwok, PTC Photographer, at ext: 6804.

Jan 2019

* Photo printing is optional. Bring your USB thumb drive and Octopus card for photo print payment.


HKUST eBookshelf is an online e-publishing system designed by PTC to enable multi-platform publishing on PC and mobile devices. It is also a portal for HKUST e-publications, which supports comprehensive searching, sharing and multimedia features.

iPad users can download the first HKUST iBooks “Our Miracle Continues and ” from the eBookshelf and experience the multi-touch and interactive content. (watch the video)

The eBookshelf and iBooks aim to promote e-publishing and e-book development in HKUST. You are most welcome to contact PTC if you wish to add your publications in eBookshelf, and explore iBooks for teaching and learning.

Nov 2012


Mar 2012



27 October 2009




Starting 1 April 2005, our Printshop will provide a one-stop service to obtain permission for photocopying Course Packs containing materials licensed by The Hong Kong Reprographic Rights Licensing Society (HKRRLS).

Since most copyright works are licensed by HKRRLS, users are no longer necessary to contact different copyright owners to obtain permission for reproducing and using their works in Course Pack for teaching.*

PTC has developed an online Course Pack Copying Request Form to facilitate ordering of Course Packs. Simply login PTC's "User Project System" to place your request, and Printshop will handle the rest of procedures.

A website detailing our Course Pack Copying services and workflow is also available at Please contact Kenny Fong at ext: 6824 if you encounter any problem in using our Course Pack Copying Services. For comments and suggestions on services, please contact Thomas Ng at ext: 6806 or email ptmaster.

*Some licensed materials are NOT handled by HKRRLS. Users have to seek permission from the author/publisher for using these materials.

30 Mar 2005


PTC has upgraded the “Online Work Request” into "User Project System" with a new feature - the "PTC Job List". Users will have their own PTC Job List showing all jobs (since April 04) that they had assigned to our Center.

With the PTC Job List, users can check their current jobs' progress and review their past jobs' details. Budget controller can endorse a work request while PTC staff can indicate their job acceptance through the List.


More details on new features can be found in "Using PTC Job List" and "Placing PTC Online Work Request" available in the Download Area of PTC website.

Please contact Anthony Ho ( at ext: 8873 if you encounter any problem in using the PTC Job List. For comments and suggestions, please contact Thomas Ng at ext: 6806 or email ptmaster

Feb 2005